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We are Cryomotive...

We bring together leading hydrogen storage, refueling and vehicle experts along with talented newcomers and sustainable management to:

  • Develop a disruptive clean hydrogen storage and refuelling technology platform
  • Accelerate the transformation to a decarbonized world
  • Create a cleaner and greener future for coming generations make our planet green, again!

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What makes us Unique...

  • A disruptive hydrogen vehicle storage and refueling technology (CRYOGAS):
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  • A unique team of experienced and enthusiastic engineers, IP, PR and business experts to realize our ambitious three-year plan to market
  • The spirit and speed of a startup with the global network of a key player
/Our Green Hydrogen Pathway

Decarbonize Mobility Everywhere


  • High clean energy demand to decarbonize various sectors (energy, industry, mobility)
  • Limited potential for affordable clean energy production (4-6 €-ct/kWh)
  • Need to import low-cost clean energy

Middle East / North Africa

  • Huge potential of renewable energy at very low cost (1-2 €-ct/kWh)
  • Need for an “energy carrier” to export


  • Import green LH2 as a carrier for cheap renewable energy to Europe and distribute as a fuel
  • Green LH2
    Ship green Liquid Hydrogen (LH<sub>2</sub>) to its destination port
    Ship green Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) to its destination port
  • Green LH2
    Unload Liquid Hydrogen (LH<sub>2</sub>) at the port
    Unload Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) at the port
  • Load an LH<sub>2</sub> trailer and distribute as a clean fuel for various vehicle applications
    Load an LH2 trailer and distribute as a clean fuel for various vehicle applications


  • Provide green, cost efficient LH2 with unbeaten low carbon footprint as a fuel to the hydrogen stations of the future
  • Compress the LH2 to a cryo-compressed gas and fill to vehicles as CRYOGAS (CcH2)
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Invest in Cryomotive

  • By 2030 the market of hydrogen trucks and coach buses is expected to reach more than 50.000 units per year in Europe and more than 100.000 units a year in China, just mentioning two key markets
  • CRYOGAS (CcH2) hydrogen storage and refueling will become a leading technology for long-haul trucks and coach buses starting in 2025 to gain a significant market share in key markets by 2030
  • In the R&D phase until 2023 we will develop a first storage and refueling system product jointly with strong partners from the truck and supplier markets, generate and secure relevant IP, set up a Joint Venture in China and prepare a pilot production in Europe, Asia and North America
  • A first round of financing to include maximum three to four strategic investors is scheduled for Q1 2021

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We are recruiting world class experts and talented newcomers who dream big with us to make the planet green, again

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